To become the leading organisation for children and young adults with profound mental disabilities by creating meaningful, effective and personalised stimulatory programs of the highest quality for each child.


To provide a safe and loving stimulatory environment for special needs children and young adults with profound mental disabilities, where they are treated with respect, dignity, love and compassion, with the express purpose of elevating their level of functionality through the creation of an expertly and uniquely designed stimulatory programme for each child.

Adding Further Value

We aim to become a sustainable organization so that we can stand strong enough to duplicate our model in other areas. Our focus is to continue to increase awareness of the need for proper care of children with disabilities by offering:

  • Training for staff working at special needs centres in formal and informal areas.
  • Train caregivers who work in private homes with special needs children.
  • Offer Support Group meetings for parents and guardians of special needs children.
  • Engage in fun and exciting fundraising activities.
  • In this way, we grow people‚Äôs understanding and acceptance of our children as extra-special members of our community and actively contribute as much as we can to the greater good.